Property Brother is a premier property management company based in Middle Tennessee. We are a family-owned and locally-operated rental home management firm, committed to Middle Tennessee and heavily invest in the communities we work and live. As a full-service Middle Tennessee property managers, we provide the most cost-effective and comprehensive management solution in the industry for commercial or residential property management. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, tax problems, bad tenants, or even foreclosure, our property managers are ready to help. See what makes us different from other rental home management companies in Middle Tennessee.

Save time & Avoid Hassles

Our property management agents will handle late-night phone calls from tenants and emergency maintenance problems as you focus on what matters to your life.

Rely on our professional expertise

Our experienced and highly-trained specialists will handle every aspect of your property management in Middle Tennessee 24/7, they know what rents, what works, and how to get more from your home.

Get Guarantees and Competitive Pricing

We help homeowners obtain market rent in Middle Tennessee, avoid common pitfalls, and place reliable tenants faster. 

Our Story

Derek and Towan, founders of Property Brother, have been buying houses for more than 5 years in Nashville, TN. Together they began to build the business that would become Property Brother LLC. The duo developed the company that is now one of the most trusted rental homes management companies in the Middle Tennessee area by hiring an exceptional team of experts to better serve you and all of your unique property management needs.

At property Brother, we specialize in buying homes promptly with all lease  or rent options and cash.  We pride ourselves on keenly listening to our customer’s situations and developing custom solutions to solve their unique needs.

Why Partner With US for Property Management?

Are you planning to rent or sell a home in Middle Tennessee? There is more than one avenue to find your dream home and Property Brother LLC has various options to suit your specific needs. As a Middle Tennessee property management company, we do more than help home sellers and tenants.

We help tenants manage their property while connecting individuals seeking rental apartments and homes with multiple options throughout Middle Tennessee.  If you want to learn more about us and what we do, please feel free to reach out at 615-984-7833 at any time!